Camgloss Lenspen

Camgloss Lenspen
Camgloss Lenspen Camgloss Lenspen
Model: Camgloss Lenspen
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Camgloss Lenspen

Camgloss Lenspen – the perfect lens cleaner

The Lenspen is an easy-to-use, specially-shaped cleaning tool. It is as big as a pen and it removes even the smallest dust particles and fingerprints effectively, safely and gently from the surface of your lenses.

One side of the Lenspen has a soft, retractable lens brush; the opposite side is provided with a concave cleaning tip.

The cap of the Camgloss Lenspen contains a proven, carbon-based cleaning agent which neither leaks nor dries out. By turning the pen -with the cap on- the fine coating of the cleaning tip will renew and the pen will be ready for its next use.

The Lenspen can also be used to clean the lenses of your binoculars and spotting scopes easily and quickly, as well as to wipe your glasses.


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